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We want your insurance experience to be a good one. That is why we make every step of the way easy and hassle free. Check out our many services below and give us a call or e-mail for a free quote.

Mandatory liability policies:

Auto insurance is mandatory in Illinois . Without proper coverage for you and your vehicle, you could be exposed to financial and legal risk. That is why we specialize in mandatory liability policies to get you driving with peace of mind, quickly and easily. Give us a call, e-mail us, or ask for a free quote online, and we will get you the insurance you need.

Low full coverage rates:

Not only do we specialize in mandatory liability polices, we are also committed to getting you the lowest rates possible for full coverage policies. We have many different coverage options to meet your needs.

Autos: All makes & models:

Not only are we committed to insuring all drivers, we also insure all cars. Regardless of how old or how new your car is, we will insure it. We know how important your car is to you.


Whatever vehicle you drive, we will insure it. Some people think that it is harder to insure bigger vehicles like SUV’s, vans & trucks. Give us a call and we will show you how easy it really is.

Motorcycle coverage:

Insurance is not only mandatory for cars and trucks, it is required for motorcycles as well. We have different motorcycle coverage options that you can choose from so you can ride confidently knowing you have protected yourself and others.

Instant coverage & proof:

We make getting auto insurance as easy as possible. One of the ways is to offer instant coverage and proof of insurance over the phone. This takes away the hassle of getting insurance and makes sure you are covered as soon as you need it.

Instant SR22’s:

SR-22 is a document that shows proof of financial responsibility. This document is often needed for a specified amount of time if you have been cited for driving without insurance, had a DUI, your license revoked, or have received too many tickets. If you have been told you need one, we can get it for you instantly. It is just another way we make insurance an easy part of our client’s lives.

We insure everyone:

Whether you are newly licensed or have had one for many years, Clover Insurance will cover you. We also easily cover teenagers and elderly drivers. In short, if you need insurance, we will cover you.

Clover offers discounts:

Insurance is there to protect you if you are ever in an accident. However, we want to reward you if you have gone without one for a while. We offer “safe driver” discounts as our way of saying thank you for keeping the road a little safer. You may be eligible for other discounts we offer to our customers. We offer discounts if you are currently insured and if you insure more than one car with us.

Easy payment options:

We believe that getting insurance should be easy. We also offer easy automatic bill-pay options, take all major debit and credit cards, and checks. That is why we offer low down payments, budget financing and easy payment plans.  We will work with you to come up with an insurance plan that is financially compatible with your needs.

Experienced agents:

We have over 40 years of experience and pride ourselves on excellent service. We can only accomplish this through having the most experienced and knowledgeable agents at our company. When you call for a price quote you will always be helped by an experienced agent who will be able to answer any questions you have. You can be assured that your buying experience will be stress-free and easy.

Free “no-hassle” quotes:

What if you know you need insurance, but not sure how much it is going to cost? We will be happy to offer you a free quote either on the phone or online without any hassle or obligation. We are interested in you getting the lowest possible rate and making sure you are satisfied with your purchase. Don’t renew or buy elsewhere until you apply online or call us for a free quote.

No license, no problem:

We insure those who do not have their license yet or have only an out-of-state or international license. While other companies might have turned you down, we pride ourselves on making sure all drivers that want insurance get it. Just give us a call, send us an e-mail or walk in and we will get you the insurance you need.

Bilingual Agents:

In our commitment to insuring everyone, we want everyone to have access to our services. That is why we have agents that speak multiple languages, including Spanish. You can be confident and comfortable that when you call us, you will get the best personal service we can provide.

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